BlueStar Brand Spotlight - MiiR

MiiR provides vacuum-insulated drinkware that serves a purpose beyond keeping your beverage at the perfect temperature. Each product helps fund giving projects around the globe. The Give Code™ on the bottom of each product allows the user to track and connect with the project their product helped fund. BlueStar is excited to welcome MiiR to the industry!

Co-branding with MiiR is a good choice. Think MiiR. Think BlueStar.

Please click here to see the awesome line of MiiR products!

"A Product to Project™ company committed to trackable giving, MiiR gives 3% of revenue to partner organizations with an aim to provide people with access to a better future. Every product we design is built in-house with an emphasis on innovation, timelessness, simplicity and sustainability. MiiR partners with some of the most respected nonprofits in the world to create sustainable giving projects in the clean water, health and food sectors that address both domestic and international issues. To date, we have given over $600,000 and empowered the lives of 100,000+ people worldwide, and invite customers to track the impact of their purchase through our Give Code™ registration process."

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